Sushi Samba Taquitos, South Beach

27 05 2011

I know, I know…this is a sushi restaurant, not a taco joint, but I figure anywhere that serves a “taco” or its derivative, “taquito” is fair game.  Although I find it funny that the word taquito isn’t recognized as a real word on or my spell check.  Whatever.

So Sushi Samba offers 2 varieties, lobster and yellowtail.  Yum!  ….or not?

Here come the clues:

#1 — Minimum order is 2 tacos

#2 — The lobster is $8, yellowtail is $6

#3 — When I ordered one of each the waitress asked “and what would you like to eat?”

Ummmmmm, thought I just did.  Ok, lets see what happens next.

Sushi Samba Taquitos

Just for perspective, those are not highball glasses, THEY ARE SHOT GLASSES!  Each taquito was just 2 bites, now I know what the waitress meant.  But for $14?  C’mon.

In fairness, they were very flavorful and tasty and most importantly (for me at least) not soggy.  And the presentation was first rate.  But I still had to order my meal, plus a few beers later and my bill for lunch was $72.  UGH.

I guess the definition of “taquito” is ” extra small taco with extra big price”


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