The Best Huevos Rancheros Ever

2 06 2012

One of my favorite places for delicious mexican food is at La Casa de Lisa. Now don’t even bother trying to google it, because it’s not open for business, it’s the kitchen of my friend, who lets just say, has a passion for mexican food.

One of her favorite dishes to prepare is huevos rancheros, so one morning after a few mexican mimosas (AKA, “beer”) it was on.  Here are the critical elements you need and a few tips to make the best huevos ever:


tortillas — corn or flour, fried

refried beans — if you’ve got time re-refry them, they taste even better

eggs — any way you like them

crema — you can find in any mexican market

cilantro — the holy green of mexican food

salsa — make your own easily, just chop up your own tomatoes, onions and add some lime juice and cilantro

cheese — the white crumbly kind, of course!

yes, there are eggs under all that goodness!

Now here’s the secret ingredient: Rajas

Ra-wha? Rajas!  A mixture of roasted peppers, onions and cream, slowly simmered and topped with salt, pepper and cotija cheese.  Once you try rajas, you’ll start to invent other places to use it as a topping, its that good.

MMMMMMM, my favorite way to start the day.


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