Taquito Week Continues! Zona Fresca, Plantation and Ole’ Ole’, Plantation

2 06 2011

In fairness to the taquito, I thought I should try a few more, just so I could verify or debunk my self-definition of its name.  See here for previous post.

Zona Fresca

First off, neighborhood favorite Zona Fresca.  I ordered the Taquito meal which is one of their specialties and comes with 3 taquitos of either chicken or steak, rice and beans, and fresh homemade chips.  All for $5.75.

Same as the other dishes that I have tried at Zona Fresca, I was very pleased with the size, taste, freshness, price and overall quality of the meal.  I tried both chicken and steak, and I preferred the chicken as I think the steak can get a little tough in the deep frying process.

While I enjoyed the crispiness of the taquito, I think I prefer their soft tacos, as the flavor remains true for the ingredients, rather than just the fried goodness, which can be a little overwhelming.  I guess maybe my palate is growing up!

Takeout Taquitos

Ole’ Ole’

A few nights later I went to a more formal restaurant, Ole’ Ole’.  They don’t seem to have a website and I think this is the only location.  I’ve eaten there a few times before, mostly out of convenience, but its never really wowed me.  They also offer a number of cuban dishes along with the mexican ones, which is kind of weird.

The decor is dark and kind of cheesy, not what I’d expect from a place that charges an average of $12 for an entrée.  They do offer coupons in ValPak on a regular basis, so its worth scrounging one up before you go.  OK, on to the food.

The chips were very warm and fresh — you know, the kind you can’t stop eating when they are right in front of you.  Well, at least I can’t. The salsa was also good, and if you ask they will bring you their green salsa, which is all jalapeños — excellent if you can take the heat.

Confession here — I actually ordered the flautas from the menu, but since they are the flour (vs corn) version of the taquito, I cut myself some slack.  I had one steak and one chicken.  The shredded steak was flavorful, but quite honestly tasted like something leftover from one of the cuban meals.  It just didn’t taste mexican.

Unfortunately, the steak was better than the chicken.  It was actually inedible and I really thought that it would make me sick.  The server was very understanding and got me another steak one to replace it — and I found out later than another person in my party also sent back their chicken dish as it tasted funny to them as well.

Flauta Platter, Ole Ole

I guess thats why I don’t think of Ole’ Ole’ when I want to eat good mexican food!


Sushi Samba Taquitos, South Beach

27 05 2011

I know, I know…this is a sushi restaurant, not a taco joint, but I figure anywhere that serves a “taco” or its derivative, “taquito” is fair game.  Although I find it funny that the word taquito isn’t recognized as a real word on dictionary.com or my spell check.  Whatever.

So Sushi Samba offers 2 varieties, lobster and yellowtail.  Yum!  ….or not?

Here come the clues:

#1 — Minimum order is 2 tacos

#2 — The lobster is $8, yellowtail is $6

#3 — When I ordered one of each the waitress asked “and what would you like to eat?”

Ummmmmm, thought I just did.  Ok, lets see what happens next.

Sushi Samba Taquitos

Just for perspective, those are not highball glasses, THEY ARE SHOT GLASSES!  Each taquito was just 2 bites, now I know what the waitress meant.  But for $14?  C’mon.

In fairness, they were very flavorful and tasty and most importantly (for me at least) not soggy.  And the presentation was first rate.  But I still had to order my meal, plus a few beers later and my bill for lunch was $72.  UGH.

I guess the definition of “taquito” is ” extra small taco with extra big price”

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