When you find yourself shopping in Homestead, FL…

28 06 2011

One of my favorite sources of authentico mexican foodstuffs is Mexico Market in Homestead.  Located right near the Homestead campus of Miami Dade College, this market has good produce, meats and cheeses, lots of imported non-perishables and most importantly, a fresh tortilla maker.

Hot off the tortilla machine at Mexico Market

Fresh Tortillas

Tortillas are sold by weight and come right off the conveyor belt and into your shopping basket.  Eat immediately for best results!

I was also amazed at the selection and sheer mass of pinatas hanging from the ceiling, if you’re thinking of having one for a party, this is the place to go.

Address:  407 Park Place and open 7 days a week.


TOW — Montaco and Nacho Bizness

28 03 2011

It just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  This time I caught up with the Food Trucks at Mother of Christ Catholic Church or TOW, Truckers Out West.  Must have been 30 trucks and 5,000 people.  No parking onsite though, so just grab any roadside space you see and join the throng of people heading in.

If you haven’t checked out the Food Truck phenomenon, there are a number of these popping up in Miami-Dade, not so much in Broward yet, but they are definitely worth going to.  My experience has shown that the food can be a little hit-or-miss, but overall its a great time with lots of interesting things to choose from.

Make sure to pack some picnic materials; blankets, chairs, tables, a cooler full of beer and stake out a location for your group to congregate.  That way you don’t end up standing around in lines waiting for each other all night.  And one further word of advice — don’t commit to any one vendor too quick — its best to try some small bites from a few different ones.  Its a real bummer when you’re full and you stumble across something that you want to try.  So pace yourself!

Note the location change for April 1 to 12405 SW 56th Street.

So my nephew insisted that I try the Shrimp Taco from Montaco first.  It was very fresh and light with a wonderful chipotle mayo that had just the right amount of zing.  And I appreciated the texture and size of the shrimp, especially as I had to eat it standing in the dark (see photo!), so I’m glad they weren’t rubbery or too small to manage!  The tortilla was also just the right consistency, and while I’m usually a big fan of the double tortilla, this one was just fine. They had other tacos on their menu that I also want to try so you’ll see them here again.

But hurry to see them soon, they are from Montauk, NY (clever right? Montaco?) and will be heading back north once season is over!

Shrimp Taco from Montaco

Next up was Nacho Bizness — another cleverly named truck that I was so happy to see actually home bases in Ft Lauderdale.  Because after I had the Rodeo Taco, I just might have to pop by every week for more.  Carne Asada that was a tender and flavorful as I’ve ever had, black bean and corn salsa, fresh cilantro and chipotle cream.  And guess what?  Double tortilla!  Me Gusto Mucho!

Rodeo Taco -- Carne Asada

TOW — Trucks Out West — 4 cilantro leaves

Montaco Shrimp Taco —  4 cilantro leaves

Nacho Bizness Rodeo Taco — 5 cilantro leaves

Got stuck in Broward and missed BTTR

16 03 2011

But plan to make it next week.

Slightly off taco-topic, just got called in as a pinch participant on the Chevy Pizza Crawl this Saturday.  Looking forward to the action — stay tuned for tweets from @tacotamer and updates!

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