World’s Most Expensive Taco, Historically

11 10 2012

A search for the world’s most expensive taco turned up evidence of a previously offered filet mignon based dish from the Brentwood Restaurant and Lounge that demanded $38.50.


But a quick verification check shows that the current menu no longer offers the taco in question.

Apparently, the filet mignon wasn’t all that, and the reviews were less than glowing.  So they let it go.

Sounds like there is a claim available out there for anyone looking to create a superlative menu item.

Then again, there’s always Taco bell for about $.69.


World’s Largest Fish Taco, Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

10 10 2012

I thought it would be easy to find the World’s Largest Taco, but it seems there are many different categories out there.

So today we will celebrate the largest Fish Taco, the 20-foot long, grilled mahi soft taco from Jaco Beach, Costa Rica.


How To Build a Taco — According to the Today Show

9 10 2012

I was skeptical when I saw the teaser on the Today Show, I’ve been eating tacos for quite a while and figured that I already knew a thing or two.  But after watching the segment, I figured it was worth sharing.

The gist is that if you line your hard taco shell with a single piece of lettuce, it will trap the ingredients so they won’t explode and end up on your plate.

Now, I am a bit of a purist, and will always opt for crispy shredded cabbage instead of a single soggy lettuce leaf, but it does appear the physics are correct and this would work.  I promise to try it out myself, and here it is for your own viewing pleasure.

30 Day Blogging Challenge is On!

9 10 2012

Well, this will be quite the task. 30 day and 30 blog posts. I’ll do my best to generate something interesting about the world of tacos each day. Reviews, ideas, news, ingredients, pictures, videos, whatever.

Hold on for the ride.


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