Zona Fresca, Plantation

18 03 2011

Zona Fresca

So I admit it, I chose Zona Fresca as my first blog because its my neighborhood place and I was too hungry and lazy to go anywhere further away.  But for as many times as I’ve eaten here before, it was much different to eat with a purpose and actually made me much more aware of the process.  I guess that’s the point of thoughtful eating, rather than wolfing it down ‘cuz its just so good.

How many tacos is that?

I chose the 2 taco combo plate, which sounded like a reasonable amount of food, but turned out to be HUGE.  First of all, each taco is super loaded and comes with 2 tortillas, so that counts as 2 tacos in my book.  Now, none of this a bad thing, but when I do the math that adds up to cuatro not dos for the 2 taco combo.  Just so you know.  Plus, you add the rice and beans (choose between pinto or black) and chips too?  Hola Gorda!

OK — so for the actual tacos themselves.  I ordered the Baja Fish Taco, Chicken Taco Sabroso, and the Steak Taco Sabroso.  One thing that was consistent with all of them was that they were all fresh and loaded with tasty ingredients like fresh pico de gallo, cilantro and sour cream, but all needed doctoring to suit my palate.  Without the hot sauce, traditional and tomatillo salsas and fresh lime, they might have stood alone as a little bland.  And in the true mexican style, none of these came with cheese of any kind.

My favorite was the steak, which was very tender and flavorful.  The chicken was a close second but didn’t have quite the same zing.  I found the Baja Fish Taco tasted a little too “fried” for me and left an aftertaste that I just had to chase with a Corona Light.  But I’ve heard many rave reviews from others who love the fish taco, so I think that I’m in the minority here.  I wish they’d add a grilled or blackened version.

Zona Fresca taco plate

The "2" Taco Combo

The service is always quick and friendly with a dedication to fresh and healthy food at reasonable prices.  My dinner was less than $10 for the taco combo plate with a beer, so I’d say they succeeded in their mission.

Other things to note:

  • Beer available
  • Choice of black or pinto beans
  • Homemade salsas on the salsa bar
  • Homemade tortilla chips
  • Casual Dining Atmosphere, counter service
  • Outdoor seating
  • Also located in Ft Lauderdale

Restaurant Review:  4/5 Cilantro Leaves

Baja Fish Taco Review: 2/5 Cilantro Leaves

Chicken Taco Sabroso Review:  3/5 Cilantro Leaves

Steak Taco Sabroso Review: 4/5 Cilantro Leaves




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